Defining the term change in Life Orientation

On this page, we focus on defining the term change and also state two negative changes one may encounter in life. Life Orientation subject: defining the term change in Life Orientation

Let’s define what the term “Change” is. The term change in Life Orientation subject means: to transform or become different.

Importance of adapting to change in life

The following are the actions you can take to adapt to change effectively as a student or any person in a society:

  • Plan what to do: know what the changes will be and make a plan to deal with each aspect. Where possible, do this before the change happens.
  • Think of previous changes in your life and how you coped with them: use some of those skills again if they worked for you.
  • Talk to somebody you trust: say how you feel about the change.
  • List the good aspects of changes.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards change and take change: see it as a challenge and opportunity for your personal development and growth.
  • Avoid resisting change and face your fear of change: talk about your fears of change. Tell a friend, family member or teacher how you feel.
  • Change will influence your need for more information: this is because you move from a known situation to an unknown situation. The more information you have about the new situation, the easier it will be to cope.

Positive and negative aspects of change for Life Orientation Learners

Below are the positive and negative aspects of change that will help Life Orientation learners to prepare for exams and revisions:

Positive aspects of change

Negative aspects of change


Can cause stress
ChallengingNot always for the better
Can cause stress
Can lead to better thingsMay make you feel unsure and insecure
Demands that you are flexible

Can be irritating; just when you get used to
something, there is change
Keeps your brain alert
Allows you to discover hidden potential
Fear of the unknown
Keeps your life interestingThreatening
OpportunitiesPainful, for example, illness
Can lead to personal growthSorrowful, for example, death

Two negative changes you may encounter

In this section, we state two negative changes you may encounter as a student or employee.

Two negative changes you may encounter as a student:
  • Your favourate teacher just got suspended from the school and you don’t know how you will cope with passing the subject he was teaching
  • Your school just burned down and you are now forced to start going to another school which is very far away from you.
Two negativechanges you may encounter as an employee:
  • You are being retrenched because you have been identified as the lwest performing emlpoyee.
  • You are not going to start working far away from how and you will only see your family on weekends. But the pay is still the same

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