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George Campbell School Fees 0224 – 2025 Guide: George Campbell School of Technology: A Guide to Affordable Technical Education

Located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, George Campbell School of Technology distinguishes itself by offering a specialized focus on technical education. Founded in 1963, this public high school has grown into a significant educational institution, welcoming over 1,000 pupils interested in pursuing technical careers. As one of the few schools in South Africa that provide education across all nine technology options, including civil, electrical, and mechanical technology, it presents a unique opportunity for students passionate about these fields.

Understanding School Fees

At George Campbell School of Technology, the goal is to make technical education both accessible and affordable. Balancing the quality of specialized technical programs with the principles of public education affordability, the school offers an educational pathway that ensures students are well-prepared for their future careers without imposing an undue financial burden on their families.

George Campbell School Fees for 2024 -2025

For those planning for the upcoming academic years, the school fees are estimated to range between R1,000 and R2,500 per month. This fee range is designed to cover the costs associated with providing a high-caliber education in technical disciplines, including the necessary materials and resources. It reflects the institution’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive education that equips students with the skills required in the technology sector.

Costs Associated with Specialized Curriculum

Given the emphasis on technical subjects that require a strong foundation in mathematics and physical science, the estimated fees aim to ensure students have access to the specialized resources and materials needed for these demanding courses. This investment in education enables students to achieve excellence in their studies and future technological endeavors.

Detailed Information and Contact

For those requiring the most current and detailed information on school fees, payment options, and the specific technical programs offered, it is recommended to contact George Campbell School of Technology directly. The administrative team is available to provide comprehensive fee structures and address any inquiries parents or guardians might have.

Contact Details for George Campbell School of Technology:

  • Phone: 031 332 2792
  • Address: 261 Sylvester Ntuli Rd, Stamford Hill, Durban, 4025
  • Visiting the campus for a personal consultation and tour is also encouraged.

George Campbell School of Technology is committed to offering an accessible path to technical education. The estimated school fees reflect a dedication to providing quality education in technical fields at an affordable cost, ensuring students are prepared for both their academic and professional futures.

For the most accurate and detailed information regarding school fees and program specifics, reaching out to George Campbell School of Technology directly is advised. This approach guarantees that families have all the information needed to make informed decisions about their educational investments.

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