Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences Unisa APS Score and Requirements

Why is the Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences at Unisa a sought-after qualification? What makes it essential for those aiming to take a leap in the accounting field in South Africa? How does one ensure they meet all the necessary requirements for admission? These fascinating and stimulating questions set the stage for a comprehensive understanding of this esteemed qualification.

Article Highlights:

  • Unisa’s Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences: Unpacking the APS Score and other key requirements.
  • General Entry Requirements for prospective students.
  • Career opportunities and job prospects after acquiring the qualification in South Africa.
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Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences Unisa APS Score and Requirements

The APS Score requirements for the Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences is 14. This qualification is recognized under the code 98201, falls under the NQF level 5, and has a total of 120 credits. Its SAQA ID is 82106, and students aiming to complete this certification have a maximum timeframe of 3 years. For those keen on applying or seeking more detailed information, the active application link is available here.

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General Entry Requirements:

To be eligible for this qualification:

  • Students must possess a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with at least 30% in the language of teaching and learning,
  • Alternatively, a Senior Certificate (SC) with at least an F symbol on HG or an E symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning is accepted,
  • Another acceptable qualification is a National Certificate (Vocational) with at least 40% in the language of teaching and learning, provided the completed vocational subjects are from the field of Business, Commerce and Management Studies.

What Jobs can I do after completing “Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences” at Unisa?

Upon successfully completing the Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences at Unisa, graduates have a plethora of career opportunities to explore in South Africa:

  1. Bookkeeper: Manage and record a company’s financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations.
  2. Accounts Clerk: Assist in the daily operations of the finance department, which includes processing invoices, updating financial records, and performing reconciliations.
  3. Payroll Administrator: Oversee the process of wage and salary calculations and ensure timely and accurate payments to employees.
  4. Tax Assistant: Work with tax professionals in preparing tax returns, conducting research on tax regulations, and assisting clients in tax planning.
  5. Junior Auditor: Assist senior auditors in examining and evaluating the financial statements of organisations to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  6. Financial Advisor Assistant: Support financial advisors in providing financial planning services to clients, which includes research, report preparation, and administrative duties.

The world of accounting is vast, and this qualification acts as a stepping stone into numerous specialised areas within the sector.

In conclusion, the Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences at Unisa is a crucial qualification for those keen on making their mark in the accounting and financial sector in South Africa. With clear APS Score requirements, general entry specifications, and a world of job opportunities after completion, it promises a future filled with potential. Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to pivot into this field, understanding the requirements and the doors this qualification opens is paramount for success.