How Many Subjects Does Grade 10 Have?

In South Africa, Grade 10 students face the important decision of selecting their subjects for the next phase of their educational journey. Understanding the available options is crucial for students pondering, “What subjects should I take in Grade 10?” and “How many subjects does Grade 10 have?”

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How many subjects does Grade 10 have?

In South Africa, a Grade 10 student typically takes a total of 7 subjects. This includes 4 compulsory subjects and a choice of 3 elective subjects.

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Compulsory Subjects in Grade 10

The South African curriculum requires Grade 10 students to undertake a set of compulsory subjects. These include:

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  1. Home Language: Focus on language skills in the student’s first language.
  2. First Additional Language: Proficiency in another official South African language.
  3. Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: Mathematics involves more abstract concepts, whereas Mathematical Literacy applies math to real-life scenarios.
  4. Life Orientation: Covers personal growth, health, and career guidance.

Elective Subjects in Grade 10

Elective subjects allow students to tailor their education to their interests and career goals. Some of the elective subjects available in Grade 10 include:

  1. Accounting Grade 10: Fundamentals of finance and business.
  2. Economics Grade 10: Basics of economic theory and market dynamics.
  3. Geography Grade 10: Study of physical and human geography.
  4. Physical Science Grade 10: Combines physics and chemistry.
  5. Life Sciences Grade 10: Biology and natural sciences.
  6. Technical Sciences Grade 10: Focuses on technical and applied sciences.
  7. Religion Studies Grade 10: Exploration of various religious beliefs and practices.
  8. Business Studies Grade 10: Introduction to commerce and business management.
  9. Consumer Studies Grade 10: Understanding consumer behavior and personal finance.
  10. Tourism Grade 10: Fundamentals of the tourism industry.
  11. Civil Technology Grade 10: Principles of building and civil infrastructure.
  12. Electrical Technology Grade 10: Basics of electrical systems and circuits.
  13. Engineering Graphics and Design Grade 10: Technical drawing and design in engineering.
  14. Information Technology Grade 10: Computer science and software development.
  15. Mechanical Technology Grade 10: Mechanical systems and manufacturing processes.
  16. Agricultural Sciences Grade 10: Agriculture, plant and animal sciences.
  17. Agricultural Technology Grade 10: Technological aspects of agriculture.
  18. Agricultural Management Practices Grade 10: Business side of agriculture.
  19. Dance Studies Grade 10: Art of dance, theory, and performance.
  20. Design Grade 10: Creativity and innovation in design.
  21. French Grade 10: Learning the French language and culture.
  22. History Grade 10: Significant historical events and periods.
  23. Hospitality Grade 10: Basics of the hospitality industry.
  24. Computer Applications Technology Grade 10: Understanding computer applications and technology.


Selecting the right subjects in Grade 10 is a pivotal decision for South African students. Considering “What subjects should I take in Grade 10?” requires an understanding of both compulsory and elective options. This array of subjects, ranging from core academic disciplines to more specialized fields, provides students with a diverse and comprehensive educational experience, setting the foundation for their future academic and career paths.