Justify the effectiveness of personal selling as the best method of promoting a business product.

What is Personal Selling

Personal selling occurs when a sales representative meets with a potential client for the purpose of transacting a sale. Many sales representatives rely on a sequential sales process that typically includes nine steps. Some sales representatives develop scripts for all or part of the sales process. 

6 Reasons why Personal Selling of effective in business product promition

  • Personal selling can be made telephonically but are usually face to face and offer the most flexible means of delivering a promotional message.
  • Done by experienced sales people who develop charisma and become skilled in getting people to pay attention to them.
  • It is the most successful method of selling a product.
  • It is very effective especially in the case of expensive industrial goods such as machinery and shopping goods, e.g. stoves, fridges , cell phones.
  • Involves a very personal touch with specific attention giving to customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Most effective way to build relationships between the sales person and the customer. It is also a very good way of maintaining good relationships and ensuring on-going business and sales.

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