Financial Management: Farming N5 Past Papers, Study Guides and Notes

Find Labour Relations N5 previous exam question papers, with memorandums for answers (2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and more), prescribed textbooks, and study guides. Most of the resources are in pdf format for easy download.

Labour Relations N5 is a subject which is learned at the TVET Colleges and similar educational institutions. Labour Relations N5 module aims to provide the following to learners:

  • Provides students with theoretical knowledge and attitudes as well as general and specific skills in labour relations applicable to the workplace.
  • To equip students, in a structured manner, with knowledge of the legal terminology and relevant communication skills for application in written and verbal communication in the instructional programme and in practice.
  • To equip students with knowledge of key aspects of labour relations in South Africa.
  • To equip students with knowledge of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act to enable them to evaluate the value of such legislation.
  • To equip students with knowledge of specific aspects of the Labour Relations Act to enable the student to apply the knowledge in practice.

NB: Find all learning resources for TVET College Students here.

List of Labour Relations N5Previous Question Papers

On this section you will find Labour Relations N5 previous exam question papers with memos, dating from 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and more. Where applicable, paper 1 and paper 2 are included.

2023 Papers



2022 Papers



2021 Papers



2020 Papers



Watch: The Labour Relations System – Labour Relations N5 and N6 Resources

Learning Materials and Resources for Labour Relations N5

N5 Labour Relations Study Guide

  • Future Managers Study Guides – Future Managers Study Guides provide integration between your course, the textbook and enrichment assets such as video clips, animations and additional information available in the ebook, as well as other educational resources such as examination papers and interactive tests. get it here

Learning Resources needed

Although no specific resources are prescribed, it is recommended that a textbook that covers the whole syllabus should be used.

It is also important that study material must adhere to the prescribed syllabus and not be interpreted either too narrowly or too widely.

Resources can include, but are not limited to:

  • –  A textbook consisting of the theory plus practical assignments to guide the student in the various ways in which questions can be asked (for example, direct questions, case studies, discussion questions, multiple choice, true/false questions)
  • –  Sources from the Internet
  • –  Previous examination papers

How to pass Labour Relations N5?

Do you want to pass Labour Relations N5 with great marks? It is given that passing with great marks gives you exposure to more career options, and makes you more appealing to the employers.

  1. Understand the syllabus and the key learning points required for Labour Relations N5
  2. Gather and collect notes and study guides from lectures and subject expects
  3. Practice answering previous exam papers for Labour Relations N5
  4. Watch available YouTube videos presented by Labour Relations N5 lecturers out there
  5. Consult your Labour Relations N5 in the college campus and ask them to help you with tricky sections from the syllabus

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