Mathematics Grade 12 Assignments

Mathematics Grade 12 Assignments 2021: Assessment is a continuous, planned process using various forms of tasks in order to identify, gather and interpret information about the performance of learners. It involves four steps: generating and collecting evidence of achievement, evaluating this evidence, recording the findings and using this information to understand and assist in the learner’s development in order to improve the process of learning and teaching. Assessment should be both informal (assessment for learning) and formal (assessment of learning). In both cases regular feedback should be provided to learners to enhance the learning experience.

Assignment Assessment types for Mathematics Grade 12

Although assessment guidelines are included in the annual teaching plan at the end of each term, the following general principles apply:

Tests and examinations are usually time-limited and assessed using a marking memorandum. Assignments are generally extended pieces of work in which time constraints have been relaxed and which may be completed at home. Assignments may be used to consolidate or deepen understanding of work done earlier. They may thus consist of a collection of past examination questions or innovative activities using any resource material. It is, however, advised that assignments be focused.

Projects are more extended tasks that may serve to deepen understanding of curricular mathematics topics. They may also involve extracurricular mathematical topics where the learner is expected to select appropriate mathematical content to solve context-based or real-life problems. The focus should be on the mathematical concepts and not on duplicated pictures and regurgitation of facts from reference material.

Mathematics Grade 12 Assignments

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Investigations are set to develop the mathematical concepts or skills of systematic investigation into special cases with a view to observing general trends, making conjectures and proving them.

It is recommended that while the initial investigation can be done at home, the final write-up be done in the classroom, under supervision and without access to any notes. Investigations are marked using a rubric which can be specific to the task, or generic, listing the number of marks awarded to each skill as outlined below:

  • 40% for communicating individual ideas and discoveries, assuming the reader has not come across the task before. The appropriate use of diagrams and tables will enhance the assignment, investigation or project.
  • 35% for generalising, making conjectures and proving or disproving these conjectures;
  • 20% for the effective consideration of special cases; and
  • 5% for presentation, that is, neatness and visual impact.

Assignments topics and memo for 2021

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About Mathematics Grade 12

About Grade 12 Mathematics: Mathematics is a language that makes use of symbols and notations for describing numerical, geometric and graphical relationships. It is a human activity that involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and qualitative relationships in physical and social phenomena and between mathematical objects themselves. It helps to developmental processes that enhance logical and critical thinking, accuracy and problem solving that will contribute in decision-making. Mathematical problem solving enables us to understand the world (physical, social and economic) around us, and, most of all, to teach us to think creatively.

Topics covered in Mathematics Grade 12

Below are the topics covered in Mathematics Grade 12:

  • Patterns, Sequences and Series
  • Functions and Interverse Functions
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Finance, Growth and Decay
  • Trigonometry: Compound and Double Angle Identities
  • Trigonometry: Problem Solving in Two and Three Dimentions
  • Polynomials
  • Differential Calculus
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Euclidean Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Counting Principles and Probability

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