Mechanical Technology Grade 12 NSC Exam Topics and Structure Guide Syllabus

On this page you will find Mechanical Technology Grade 12 NSC Exam Topics and Structure Guide from the CAPS syllabus: Fitting and Machining, Welding and Metal Work, and Automotive..

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Exam Structure: Mechanical Technology Grade 12

For Grades 10, 11 and 12, the three-hour end-of-year examination in Mechanical Technology (200 marks) comprises 50% of a learner’s total mark. All question papers set by the teacher throughout the year, including the November paper must be scrutinized by the head of department at the school and approved by the Mechanical Technology facilitator for the district. This is done to ensure that the prescribed weightings are adhered to by the teacher.

In the Grade 12 examination only Grade 12 content will be assessed. However, prior knowledge from Grades 10-11 may be necessary to interpret and answer some of the questions.

Exam Topics: Mechanical Technology Grade 12

  1. Multiple-choice questions: Marks: 20
  2. Safety 10: Marks:
  3. Tools and equipment 12: Marks:
  4. Materials 13: Marks:
  5. Terminology (manufacturing process) 30: Marks:
  6. Joining methods 25: Marks:
  7. Forces 30: Marks:
  8. Maintenance 15: Marks:
  9. Systems and control 25: Marks:
  10. Engines, pumps and turbines: Marks:

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