Reasons why South Africa is regarded as a developing country

Reasons why South Africa is regarded or considered as a developing country:

South Africa has a great economic infrastructure and natural resources that characterize its economy. In South Africa, there is outstanding progress in the field of industry and manufacturing. South Africa, however, is still characterised as a developing country and not a developed country.

South Africa is regarded as a developing country due to a combination of factors that indicate it is in the process of transitioning to a more advanced stage in economic, social, and political development. Key reasons include:

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  • Economic Disparities: There are significant income and wealth disparities among different population groups, with high levels of poverty and unemployment.
  • Industrial Development: While South Africa has a relatively well-developed industrial sector compared to other African countries, it still faces challenges in diversifying its economy.
  • Education and Health: The country struggles with issues in its education and health systems, impacting the overall quality of life and productivity of its population.
  • Infrastructure: Although it has a robust infrastructure in urban areas, rural areas still lack basic services and connectivity.
  • Social Challenges: High rates of crime, HIV/AIDS prevalence, and other social issues also contribute to its status as a developing country.

These factors combined show that while South Africa has significant potential and some areas of strength, it still faces crucial development challenges.

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6 Characteristics of a Developed Country

1. Has a high income per capita. Developed countries have high per capita incomes each year. By having a high income per capita, the country’s economic value will be boosted. Therefore, the amount of poverty can be overcome.

2. Security Is Guaranteed. The level of security of developed countries is more secure compared to developing countries. This is also a side effect of sophisticated technology in developed countries. With the sophisticated technology, security facilities and weapons technology also develop for the better.

3. Guaranteed Health. In addition to ensuring security, health in a developed country is also guaranteed. This is characterized by a variety of adequate health facilities, such as hospitals and medical staff who are trained and reliable.

4. Low unemployment rate. In developed countries, the unemployment rate is relatively small because every citizen can get a job and work.

5. Mastering Science and Technology. The inhabitants of developed countries tend to have mastered science and technology from which new useful products such as the industrial pendant lights were introduced to the market. Therefore, in their daily lives, they have also used sophisticated technology and modern tools to facilitate their daily lives.

6. The level of exports is higher than imports. The level of exports in developed countries is higher than the level of imports because of the superior human resources and technology possessed.

5 Reasons why is South Africa regarded as a developing country

Characteristics of South Africa as a developing country:

1. South Africa has a low Income per year. Annual income in developing countries is not as high as in developed countries due to the high unemployment rate.

2. In South Africa, security is not guaranteed. Unlike in developed countries, security in developing countries is still very minimal and inappropriate. Therefore, crime rates in developed countries such as South Africa tend to be relatively high.

3. South Africa has a fast-growing population. According to the World Population Review, South Africa’s population will continue to grow until 2082, reaching just over 80 million people before plateauing and slightly declining the rest of the century. South Africa’s population growth rate is currently 1.28% per year. Developing countries have a very large average population compared to developed countries because of uncontrolled population development. This is also a result of the lack of education and health facilities.

4. The unemployment rate in South Africa is high. South Africa has an unemployment rate of 34.4% in the second quarter of 2021. In developing countries, the unemployment rate is still relatively high because the available job vacancies are not evenly distributed. In addition, the level of uneven education is also one of the factors causing the large unemployment rate.

5. Imports are higher than exports. Due to the low management of natural resources and human resources in developing countries, developing countries more often buy goods from abroad. To eliminate the barriers of being a developed country, South Africa must reduce imports and must refine and develop its agricultural sector.

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