Requirements to study Social Work at UKZN
The academic entrance requirement to study social work at the University of KwaZulu-Natal is a minimum of 30 matric points. Students often choose to study social work because they want to help people and to uplift communities. Social work is defined by terms such as social justice, human rights and empowerment. The values of the social work profession are rooted in a belief in the dignity and growth of every human being and a recognition of the need for a democratic, just and ca ring society. The ethical behaviour expected of social workers flows from these core values. Social workers have an ethical responsibility to clients, colleagues, employers, the social work profession and to society which is enshrined in the SACSSPS? Code of Ethics. From their second year of study, social work students are expected to not only register with the SACSSPS but need to sign a Code of Ethics form with the School of Social Work committing themselves to ethical practice.
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