Speech Topics about crime in South Africa

Speech Topics about crimes in South Africa: The speech topics on this page, are useful for research and high school students.

According to the Dailymaverick, 6,083 people were murdered in South Africa between January and March 2022. This represents an increase of 22% or 1,107 more people murdered compared to the same period last year. Alarmingly, increases in reports of children and women being murdered have shot up by 37.2% and 70.5% respectively. 

List of Speech Topics about crime in South Africa

  • Crime is destroying the South African Tourism Industry
  • Women and children are not protected enough in South Africa
  • The death penalty must be implemented in South Africa
  • No one should be allowed to own a gun in South Africa
  • We need more police on South African streets
  • Police staff should all be physical fit by law
  • Why do high poverty levels encourage crime in SA?
  • Poverty doesn’t cause crime in South Africa
  • Why are undocumented foreigners associated with criminal activities in SA

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