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On this page, you can download the Study Master Economic and Management Sciences Grade 9 Teacher’s Guide on pdf format.

An overview of the content of Economic and Management Sciences Grade 9 entails the following:

  • the needs and wants of different communities in societies
  • the nature, processes and production of goods and services, and business activities within the different sectors
  • financial management, accounting as a tool for management of a business, and record keeping
  • the influence of demand and supply, and pricing
  • the flow of money, goods and services between households, businesses and government, and the rights and responsibilities of the different role players in the economy
  • the way in which to achieve sustainable growth, reduce poverty and distribute wealth fairly, while still pursuing profitability entrepreneurial skills and knowledge needed to manage self and the environment effectively
  • basic aspects of leadership and management
  • the role of savings in sustainable economic growth and development
  • trade unions and their influence in the economy
  • the importance of using resources sustainably, effectively and efficiently
  • the functioning of both formal and informal businesses.

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