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Do you want to be an on-demand slayer in the Digital Marketing industry in South Africa? Check the Top 3 2024 Social Media and Digital Marketing Courses offered by ONLY the best Schools in Johannesburg.

Number 1: Digital Marketing in Practice offered by UJ

UJ Digital Marketing in Practice

The University of Johannesburg brings you SA’s only Digital Marketing in Practice certificate. This practical course introduces students to both the theory and practice of digital marketing techniques, tools, and processes.

Not only will you gain the digital marketing fundamentals and knowledge of the platforms, channels and “digital mix” elements, at the university of choice, our students – more importantly – get a hands-on application of the theory learned through four full-day practical classes.

The Digital Marketing in practice course brings you content on the latest, up to date Digital Marketing expertise by industry leaders as well as specialist academics in the field of Digital Marketing.

All lectures are conveniently on a Saturday (no need to put in leave) and are presented by some of the best in the industry.

Details on the duration of the course

This course takes place over 6 weeks (including 4 weeks of online classes to review in your own time and 4 practical day classes from 9 am to 4 pm. At the end of week 5, you will have 1 test day and at the end of week 6, you will have 1 project date hand-in.

What are the costs for the Digital Marketing in Practice certificate?

The Digital Marketing in practice course costs R15 500 which includes your:

  • Registration fee
  • UJ Student card
  • E-book with all the course content
  • Online lecture slides and classes
  • Four full-day practical contact session days at UJ with the assigned lecturers 
    (download the brochure to learn more about your specialist lecturers)
  • Meals supplied on all four days of practical contact sessions
  • Content on the latest up to date Digital Marketing developed 
    by industry leaders and specialist academics in the field of Digital Marketing
  • Lectures presented by some of the best in the digital industry
  • Convenient classes offered on a Saturday (no need to put in leave for those working full-time)

Number 2: Social Media Marketing Course offered by Red and Yellow

Heighten engagement, amplify ROI, increase exposure and reach new audiences. This 10-week online course will take your social media from conventional to compelling by teaching you a range of practical tools,  strategies and valuable tactics.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the potential social media holds for personal branding
  • Develop content for your brand and create a content calendar
  • Learn how to implement social advertising campaigns
  • Know how to use all major platforms, including Instagram, for your brand
  • Use social media to gain business intelligence and develop loyal fans
  • Learn how to manage communities and use social media for customer
  • Know how to measure and optimise your efforts using data analytics

Who should take this course?

  • People who want to gain an excellent grounding in social media marketing.
  • Aspiring or current social media marketers, community managers, brand managers, customer service or PR executives, entrepreneurs and content marketers
  • Digital marketers who want a professional understanding of social media marketing techniques and global best-practice principles
  • Marketers who aim to increase brand awareness, sales and conversions through professional social media marketing
  • Anyone who wants to promote their brand more effectively online

Number 3: Applied Digital Marketing at Wits

If you find yourself increasingly dependent on your smartphone and laptop for personal admin, entertainment and communication, you are not alone. Your clients are living in the digital space too. Traditional marketing has been thrust into the future with the digitisation of the work and customer space and has demanded that traditional marketing be overhauled to include the digital aspect. The Applied Digital Marketing online short course will teach you to think digital, talk digital and deliver digital success through all your marketing and brand-building initiatives. The knowledge and tools you’ll gain will allow you to conceptualise and execute digital marketing strategies that drive customer acquisition and retention, optimise your digital footprint and ultimately deliver business results.

What will you learn from this course?

  • Acquire a basic working knowledge of all elements of digital marketing in order to leverage these effectively
  • Learn how to use a rich variety of technological and digital platforms to target today’s digital-savvy consumer
  • Develop the ability to link digital marketing initiatives to business goals
  • Learn how to maximise the impact of website design and user experience
  • Gain insight into social media platforms and how to maximise their reach and impact
  • Learn how to optimise your search engine relevance

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