Tourism Grade 12 NSC Exam Paper Topics and Structure Guide Syllabus

On this page you will find Tourism Grade 12 NSC Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam Topics and Structure Guide from the CAPS syllabus.

In Grade 12, the three-hour end-of-year examination in Tourism comprises 50% of the learner’s total 400 marks. The requirements for the external examination paper are indicated below.

Tourism Grade 12 NSC Exam Topics and Structure Guide Syllabus

  • Section A: Short questions (all topics)
  • Section B: Map work and tour planning; foreign exchange
  • Section C: Tourism attractions; cultural and heritage tourism; marketing
  • Section D: Tourism sectors; sustainable and responsible tourism
  • Section E: Domestic, regional and international tourism; communication and customer care

Tourism Grade 12 Practical assessment task (PAT )

  • Owing to the practical nature of the subject Tourism, learners must also be assessed by means of a practical assessment task.
  • The PAT for Grade 12 will be externally set every year and sent to schools at the end of the previous year.
  • Provinces and schools may not change or retype this task, or use the task of the previous year.
  • Resources for the PAT are the responsibility of the school.
  • The specific resources will be listed in each PAT paper, but will mainly consist of maps, magazines and brochures and information available from the internet.
  • The PAT is done in two phases.
  • Learners should complete phase 1 in term 2, and phase 2 in term 3.
  • Teachers must formally assess each phase.
  • The grade 12 PAT will be moderated externally by the relevant subject advisor.

For promotion and certification purposes, learners should achieve at least a level 2 rating (elementary achievement: 30 – 39%) in Tourism. This is subject to the requirement that a learner must achieve at least a level 3 rating (moderate achievement: 40 – 49%) in at least one of the three choice subjects.

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