Do you know that many victories in the world were won through protest actions? On this page, we discuss describe two realistic demands protestors could bring forward in their peaceful protest.

Types of Protests

Protests can either be violent or peaceful. Protests can happen in many forms, such as marches; hunger strike; riots, looting and vandalism; bombing; flag burning, etc.

  • Peaceful or nonviolent protests – these are the protests that do not harm any person, property, animals and environment
  • Violent Protests – these are the protests that are intended to cause harm and damage to structures, people and environment.

Two realistic demands protestors could bring forward in their peaceful protest

Protestors can bring realistic demands forward to the government, institutions, and any authority in while they protest in a peaceful manner:

  • Demand for policy change – this has happened all over the world when citizens take matter in their own hands to demand immediate change in the government policy. For example, gender equality rights were influenced by women protesting (largely peacefuly).
  • Demands for Service Delivery – the members of a community may decide to protest peacefully to demand the service delivery within their community, such as electricity, roads, and health care.

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