Two ways in which the school could address discrimination at their premises. Everyone occasionally falls prey to the primitive discrimination tendencies, where they think:

  • their religion is better than others
  • their race is superior
  • their culture is the best
  • their language is richer and should be spoken globally.
  • their gender is close to godliness, etc

The list can go on and on, BUT this cannot happen at public platforms such as Schools, Churches, Work Places, and so on.

The frequency of the reported discrimination acts in South African multiracial-multicultural schools is astonishing. The sad reality is that the majority of those discrimination acts all trace roots to racism.

Two ways in which the school could address discrimination on their premises

Discrimination is a human rights violation and must be dealt with by the management of South African schools, using the Bill of Rights as a focal point.

Some of the solutions to racial discrimination at schools:

  • A national indaba on racial discrimination in South African schools which addresses the concerns of white and black teachers, school managers, governors and learners could also be valuable. 
  • Teachers play a responsible role in shaping the views, behavior, and discussions (that eradicate any form of discrimination, including racism) of students.


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