What can I Study with a 15 - 20 APS Score at Unisa?

What are your options when you’ve scored a 15 on the APS scale for admission to UNISA? While an Admission Point Score (APS) of 15 – 20 may limit some academic pathways, it doesn’t mean that tertiary education is out of reach. At the University of South Africa (UNISA), there are still a variety of diploma and certificate courses you can pursue.

What can I Study with a 15 – 20 APS Score at Unisa?

Certificate Programmes

  1. Higher Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training: This programme aims to provide foundational teaching skills.
  2. Higher Certificate in Law: An excellent stepping stone for those interested in the legal field but who may not yet qualify for a law degree: APS Score 15
  3. Higher Certificate in Banking: This course can be a good start for those interested in a career in finance or banking. APS Score 15

Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma in Marketing Management: With a focus on practical skills in marketing, this diploma can prepare you for entry-level positions in marketing. APS Score: 17
  2. Diploma in Public Relations: This course offers a thorough grounding in public relations and corporate communication.
  3. Diploma in Policing: If you’re interested in law enforcement, this diploma is a strong starting point.

Bridging Courses

Sometimes, an APS score of 15 could be improved by completing bridging courses offered by UNISA or other institutions. These short-term courses can help you meet the admission requirements for more advanced programmes.

Open Distance Learning (ODL)

UNISA’s ODL system also provides you with the opportunity to start with a lower-level qualification with the intention of progressing to a more advanced programme once you’ve improved your academic record.

Admission Requirements and APS

It’s crucial to note that an APS score is not the only criterion for admission; individual programmes may have additional requirements, such as specific subjects passed or portfolio submissions. Always double-check these details before applying.

Financial Aid and Bursaries

While contemplating what to study, also consider available financial aid options. UNISA and other organisations offer a range of bursaries and scholarships for students who meet certain criteria.


While an APS score of 15 might narrow your options, it certainly doesn’t shut the door on tertiary education. UNISA offers a range of programmes that accommodate different academic scores, allowing you to take the first step towards achieving your career goals. Keep in mind that lifelong learning is a journey, and your starting point does not define your endpoint.

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