Are there any School Subjects Needed for Photography Studies in South Africa

The quickest answer to this question is that you don’t need any high school subjects to become an outstanding photographer. This is the reason why many photography schools and colleges don’t even require any particular APS score or particular subjects. In actual sense, any person who loves photography doesn’t require any sort of qualification to become one. This applies in South Africa and anywhere in the world.

When companies hire photographers, the first thing they look at is their previous work experience and the portfolio. Then they decide based on their talent and their photography style.

Reasons to study Photography

So if there are no particular qualification requirements to become a professional photographer, why should learners still go to school to study photography? Well below are the reasons:

  • Photography Qualification exposes learners to many photography techniques
  • Obtaining a qualification in photography means that you can be trusted by companies to make key decisions on matters concerning photography, such as equipment, hiring photographers, writing about photography, etc
  • Photographers with qualifications can easily become Teachers and Lecturers in photography.

How much does it cost to study Photographic?

Although every learning institution will have its own fees structure and costs, studying Photographic courses can range from R15 000 to R60 000 per annum. It is always advisable for learners to contact the institution they want to learn at in order to confirm the study fees amounts for the year.

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