Why a Study on Media is Important in a Democratic country like South Africa

On this page, we will discuss why a study on media is important in a democratic country like South Africa. Media freedom is the epitome of the freedom of citizens in any country. Where there is a lack of media freedom, there is usually no transparency on what the government is doing in the country.

In order to solidify the foundation of democracy in a country such as South Africa, media studies form an important part of that. In all fairness, media studies produce well-informed and qualified media reporters who are unbiased, fair, and reliable.

Reasons Why a Study on Media is Important in a Democratic country like South Africa

The role of the media is to inform society about daily events that are newsworthy. The more media studies we have in South Africa, the more media democracy will flourish and bring its benefits to the society, such as:

  • communicating important matters of the society and also educate
  • informing citizens about their government, their rights and freedom and their health and safety.
  • exposing violations of human rights
  • reporting on unlawful activities, the courts and court cases
  • exposing corruption and mismanagement
  • shaping the public’s opinion
  • giving political information that can inform voters
  • identifying problems in our country and communities
  • promoting debates and discussions
  • promoting nation-building, by giving access to diverse viewpoints and world views, as well as sports cover

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