Wynberg Boys High School Fees Guide

Wynberg Boys High School Fees 2024 and 2025

Choosing the right school for your child is a pivotal decision, and understanding the fee structure is a crucial part of that process. Wynberg Boys High School, nestled in the scenic embrace of Table Mountain in Cape Town, offers not just an education but an experience enriched by top-tier facilities. Let’s walk through the fee structure to help you plan for your son’s future at this prestigious institution.

Wynberg Boys High School Fees 2024

The annual fees for the academic year of 2024 at Wynberg Boys High School are set at R62,350. However, there are various payment options available that can provide significant savings.

Option A: Annual Payment Discounts

Pay Early and Save: If you pay the full annual school fees by December 31, 2023, you are entitled to a 7% discount, reducing the total to R58,000. Opting to pay by January 31, 2024, will still grant you a 3% discount, bringing the total to R60,500.

Option B: Termly or Monthly Payments

Termly Payments: The termly payment option requires R15,587.50 to be paid by the first week of each term.

Monthly Payments for Grades 8-11: Spread the cost over 10 months with payments of R6,235 via debit order, EFT, direct deposit, or Snapscan, starting from February 1 to November 1, 2024.

Monthly Payments for Grade 12: Grade 12 students can opt for an 8-month payment plan with installments of R7,793.75 from February to September 2024.

Option C: Credit Card Payments

Leverage Your Budget Facility: Using your credit card’s budget facility to make an advance payment secures you the discounts offered under Option A. Monthly credit card payments are also available as per Option B.

Boarding School Fees for 2024

For those considering the boarding option, the annual fees are R68,100.

Pay Annually for Savings: A full payment by December 31, 2023, means a 7% discount, totaling R63,350. A payment by January 31, 2024, gives a 3% discount, summing up to R66,050.

Monthly Payment Plans: Similar to the day school fees, monthly payments are stretched over 10 months for Grades 8-11 (R6,810) and over 8 months for Grade 12 (R8,512.50).

Termly Payments for Boarders: Boarding fees can also be paid termly, with R17,025 due by the first week of each term.

Planning Your Visit: Open Day and Registration

To get a true sense of what Wynberg Boys High School offers, attending the Open Day on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, is invaluable. Register for the 2025 admissions Open Day and secure an opportunity to explore the school’s state-of-the-art facilities and meet the educators.

Wynberg Boys High School Fees for 2025 (Estimates Only)

Preparing for 2025: An Estimated Fee Increase

In the spirit of transparency and to aid in your financial preparations, we provide a projected estimate for the 2025 school fees, factoring in a 9% increase to accommodate for inflation and operational enhancements. This is not the official figure, but a guide to help you plan ahead:

  • Day School Fees: The current fees of R62,350 are estimated to rise by 9%, leading to a projected figure of approximately R67,960 for 2025.
  • Boarding School Fees: Similarly, the boarding fees for the current year, standing at R68,100, with the same estimated increase, could amount to around R74,230 for 2025.

Why the Increase?

Educational excellence is at the core of Wynberg Boys High School’s ethos. The projected increase ensures that the school can continue to maintain the highest standards in academic and extracurricular offerings, reflecting the ongoing investments in educational technology, facilities, and the caliber of our teaching staff.

Keep in Mind

While we strive to give a clear foresight into the 2025 school year, please consider these figures as estimates. We strongly recommend consulting with the school for accurate fee figures as we progress closer to 2025. You can always find the most up-to-date information and official announcements regarding school fees on our website: Wynberg Boys High School Official Website.

Looking Forward

Wynberg Boys High School continues to be a bastion of holistic education in the heart of Cape Town. As we look towards 2025, we remain dedicated to fostering an environment where every student can flourish academically, culturally, and in the sporting arena. We thank our families for their ongoing support and partnership as we pave the way for another year of excellence at Wynberg Boys High School.

As always, we welcome you to reach out to our admissions office or consult our website for further details and to stay informed about the latest developments regarding school fees and enrollment. Let’s work together to make the educational journey at Wynberg Boys High School a remarkable experience for your sons.

Making Contact and Additional Information

For more detailed inquiries or to discuss the fee structure further, reach out to the Admissions Secretary, Ms. Jeandre Gabriels, at jgabriels@wbhs.org.za, or contact the school during office hours. All the necessary contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and the school’s website, can be found at the end of this article.

Wynberg Boys High School is more than an educational establishment; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities. With a comprehensive understanding of Wynberg Boys High School fees and payment options, you can make an informed decision to best support your son’s educational journey.

For further details on admissions, school life, and the diverse range of subjects offered, visit the Wynberg Boys High School website at Wynberg Boys High School.

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