Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law Course at UNISA: An Insightful Overview

The world of corporate law and securities law offers an enriching and dynamic field of study, and UNISA’s Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law programme is the perfect gateway into this realm. Designed to cater to professionals and aspiring scholars alike, this programme bridges the gap between foundational understanding and advanced knowledge, addressing the nuanced facets of South Africa’s corporate landscape.

Why Choose the Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law Course at UNISA?

Deciding to further one’s education always demands thoughtful contemplation. For those deliberating about delving into the field of corporate and securities law, UNISA’s offering stands out for myriad reasons:

A Comprehensive Curriculum

UNISA’s Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law course provides an extensive overview of pertinent legal principles and the applicable legislation in the domain of corporate law. The curriculum dives deep into the Companies Act 2008, covering topics such as market abuse, corporate finance, business rescue proceedings, corporate governance, and the vital duties and liabilities of company directors.

An Emphasis on Current Legislation

With a particular focus on the Companies Act 2008 (as amended), the course ensures that participants remain updated with the current legal framework in South Africa. This approach guarantees a modern, real-world relevance that equips students to address present-day challenges.

Expert Guidance

Guided by accomplished experts like Mr Basil Mashabane and Ms. Mahlodi Mothapo, students have access to invaluable insights and mentorship. With their profound expertise in fields like Company Law, Takeover Law, and Corporate Governance, they bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Designed for Professionals

The course is tailored for legal and accounting practitioners, auditors, and company secretaries. This makes it a perfect fit for those looking to supplement their existing knowledge or carve a niche in corporate and securities law.

Flexible Duration and Registration

With a duration of just 12 months and flexible registration periods, the programme offers the ease of balancing professional commitments with academic pursuits.


The course fee, set at R9985,00, ensures that quality education in corporate and securities law remains accessible to many. Given the depth and breadth of the curriculum, it presents substantial value for money.

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Job Opportunities for Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law Graduates in South Africa

South Africa’s evolving corporate landscape offers a plethora of opportunities for graduates with expertise in corporate and securities law. From being an integral part of corporate legal teams, serving as company secretaries, to playing pivotal roles in mergers and acquisitions, the possibilities are manifold. Potential job profiles include:

  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Securities Analyst
  • Compliance Officer
  • Legal Consultant for Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Governance Advisor
  • M&A Advisor
  • Company Secretary

How to Apply

To embark on this stimulating journey, aspirants can apply directly through UNISA’s application portal. Detailed information, including the course content, faculty, and administrative support, is readily available for prospective students. Should there be any queries or clarifications, both the course leaders and the programme administrator are accessible for guidance. More details and the application process can be found at UNISA’s application page.

In essence, UNISA’s Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law programme offers a rich blend of theory and practice, making it an excellent choice for those keen on mastering the intricacies of South Africa’s corporate legal framework.

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Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law Course at UNISA: An Insightful Overview

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