Careers for Design with Pure Mathematics Subject Choice: Study Options

Let’s find out what career choices you are able to study at Universities or Colleges if you chose Design with Pure Mathematics Grade 10 -12 subjects.

Careers for Design with Pure Mathematics Subject Choice: Study Options

What future awaits you if you choose Design and Pure Mathematics in your final school years?

Embarking on the journey towards the National Senior Certificate in South Africa, you must select seven subjects, including four compulsory and three optional ones. The compulsory subjects include two official languages (one Home Language and one First Additional Language), Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and Life Orientation. For the optional subjects, you have a choice of three from a list of 25 approved subjects, with a limitation of selecting a maximum of two additional languages.

If you’re contemplating a combination of Design and Pure Mathematics for Grades 10 to 12, you’re paving the way for a unique and versatile career path. This combination equips you with both creative and analytical skills, opening doors to various study options at universities or colleges. Here, we explore some of these career paths and recommend additional subjects where necessary to fully qualify for specific careers.

1. Architectural Studies

  • Overview: Merging creativity with mathematical precision, architectural studies involve designing buildings and structures.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Physical Sciences. It deepens understanding of material properties and structural integrity.
  • Institutions: Universities offering architecture degrees include the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand.

2. Industrial Design

  • Overview: This field focuses on designing products and systems, combining aesthetic considerations with functional design.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD) for a better grasp of technical drawing and design principles.
  • Institutions: Consider institutions like the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the University of Johannesburg.

3. Interior Design

  • Overview: Specializing in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Art, to enhance creative skills and understanding of aesthetics.
  • Institutions: Tshwane University of Technology and Durban University of Technology offer reputable courses.

4. Graphic Design

  • Overview: Involves creating visual content to communicate messages, blending artistic and technological skills.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Information Technology, which can be beneficial for digital design techniques.
  • Institutions: The University of Pretoria and the University of Stellenbosch are notable choices.

5. Urban and Regional Planning

  • Overview: This field involves planning and designing urban areas, balancing environmental, social, and economic factors.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Geography, for a better understanding of spatial patterns and environmental processes.
  • Institutions: The University of the Free State and North-West University offer programmes in this area.

6. Fashion Design

  • Overview: Combining artistic talent with technical skill, fashion design is about creating clothing and accessories.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Consumer Studies can provide insights into textile properties and consumer trends.
  • Institutions: Institutions like the University of Johannesburg and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offer courses in fashion design.

7. Animation and Game Design

  • Overview: Creating animated works and designing video games, a field that blends creativity with technical prowess.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Computer Applications Technology (CAT) for foundational skills in software and computing.
  • Institutions: Explore courses at the University of the Witwatersrand and The Animation School in Cape Town.

Remember, you have the flexibility to change two of your optional subjects in Grades 10 and 11, and one in Grade 12. This flexibility allows you to align your subject choices with your evolving interests and career aspirations. Embrace the combination of Design and Pure Mathematics, for it opens a spectrum of innovative and rewarding career paths. Pursue your passion, armed with the right subject choices, and step confidently into a future where creativity meets precision.

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