With an exponential increase in digital platforms and services, the field of digital marketing has emerged as one of the most sought-after career choices for the technologically adept and creative minds. The Institute for Innovative Education (IIE) offers a comprehensive Diploma in Digital Marketing course designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

In a world that is increasingly digital, this qualification ensures that students are in tune with the latest trends and industry updates, ready to tackle real-world marketing challenges. Whether you’re an aspiring Social Media Designer, Digital Marketing Coordinator, or Social Media Marketer, this diploma opens a world of opportunities in the vibrant field of digital marketing.

This three-year programme provides students with a deep understanding of various aspects of digital marketing, including data analysis, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, digital advertising, content creation and basic design skills.


Admission to the IIE Diploma in Digital Marketing course is open to all individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC): Diploma with a minimum of 30% in English
  • National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV): Diploma pass with a minimum of 40% in English
  • Senior Certificate (SC): No endorsement required, with at least 33.3% in English
  • Senior Certificate (Amended) (SC(a)): Diploma pass with a minimum of 30% in English in NSC/ SC(a) or with a minimum of 33.3% in SC.
  • International Students: A SAQA Evaluation Certificate with NSC Level 4 equivalence with at least 40% or equivalent for English.

Candidates with a cognate Higher Certificate (or equivalent) or Advanced Certificate may also satisfy the minimum admission requirements to diploma studies. If the discipline is not cognate, at least 20% of credits must be related to academic literacy or numeracy.

Senate Discretionary Admissions are available for Mature Age Exemption, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), USAf approved cognate foundation programme, transfer students, and candidates with an OQSF Level 5 cognate qualification. For detailed information, refer to the official IIE website.


The IIE Digital Marketing Diploma course consists of a diverse range of modules spread across three years.

  • In Year 1, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of digital marketing, marketing principles, digital and academic literacies, quantitative thinking and techniques, and business management.
  • In Year 2, the focus shifts to more advanced topics, including content marketing, digital copywriting, email marketing, web development, digital customer experience management, paid search marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation.
  • Year 3 emphasises on practical learning with modules like digital advertising, digital marketing research, digital communication law, and data analytics for digital marketing, as well as on recent trends and developments in the field of digital marketing.


The IIE offers flexible payment options for the Diploma in Digital Marketing course:

  • Cash fee per module: R2 390
  • Terms Fee per module: R2 700
  • Terms Fee Deposit per module: R810 (five monthly instalments per module R378)

The deposit is non-refundable. For further details, please refer to the contract terms and conditions.

For early-bird applicants (application by 31st December), a discounted application fee of R150 applies. Applications received between 1st January and 28th February are subject.


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