How the Youth could use Social Media to Encourage their Peers to become more Responsible Citizens​

Are your peers responsible when they use social media? On this page we critically discuss how the youth could use social media to encourage their peers to become more responsible citizens​. Social media can be bothe a blessing and a curse at the same time. This is because it has the ability to build a society and individuals in a very positive and sustainable way. While on the other hand, it can be the hub of cyberbullying, depression, stress, and suicides.

Educating the youth on the proper use of social media in a way that builds the nation is essential and critical towards building healthy societies of responsible citizens.

How youth can encourage other peers to become more responsible citizens​

When it comes to ead by example encouraging other youth to be responsible citizens through using social media, the key is to lead by example. The following may encourage others to be more responsible citizens:

  • tag other peers when posting about constructive and positive posts
  • create groups aimed at empowering other youth
  • always share valuable information that can help others
  • broadcast and spread the campaigns aimed at positive changes
  • use social media in moderation (avoid being addicted)
  • use social media to find career opportunities and help other peers to do the same
  • understand the Bill of Rights so that you protect and respect the human rights

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Cyber Awareness for Students

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