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How to Write a Design Brief for the Mineshaft Headgear:

A design brief is a document that clearly outlines the goals, expectations, and resources involved in a design project. For a school project where you’re tasked with designing a mineshaft headgear, here’s how you can create an effective and detailed design brief.

How to Write a Design Brief for the Mineshaft Headgear

1. Overview

Firstly, it’s important to provide an overview of your team or “company”. State who you are, what your team represents, and why you are undertaking this project.


“Our team, XYZ Mechanical Engineering, comprises of five dedicated, innovative students. We are focused on designing and constructing an efficient, safe and reliable mine-lifting system, the mineshaft headgear.”

2. Objectives

Identify the main objectives of your project. What is the purpose of the mine shaft headgear? What problem are you aiming to solve?


“Our objective is to create a mine-lifting system that ensures the safety and productivity of miners. Our design will aim to streamline the process of transporting miners and ore from underground to the surface and vice versa.”

3. Project Description

Describe your project in detail. What is the mine-lifting system comprised of? What materials will you use? How will it work? Be sure to include all the components of the system – the mine winch, shaft headgear, and lift cage.


“The project involves the design and construction of a mine shaft headgear system which comprises a winch, the actual headgear structure, and a lift cage. The headgear will be designed to support the winch system used to lift the cage that transports miners and ore.”

4. Requirements

List the requirements of your project. This can include safety requirements, design constraints, and the needs of the miners.


“The mineshaft headgear must:

  • Be safe and reliable, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Be efficient and fast, reducing waiting times and increasing productivity.
  • Be designed for easy maintenance and repairs.
  • Follow all industry regulations and standards.”

5. Timeline

Outline the expected timeline of your project. Break down the tasks involved and estimate how much time each will take. Remember, you only have four weeks for this mini-PAT.


“Week 1: Research and design planning Week 2: Initial design and prototyping Week 3: Design refinement and beginning of construction Week 4: Completion of construction, testing, and final presentation”

6. Roles and Responsibilities

Clearly define who is doing what in your team. This helps ensure that everyone knows their role and responsibility.


“Team member A will be in charge of researching and designing the winch system. Team member B will design the headgear, while team member C focuses on the lift cage. Team members D and E will work on the construction and testing phases.”

7. Deliverables

State what you will deliver at the end of the project. This should include the final model of your mineshaft headgear, as well as any documentation or presentations that explain your design.


“At the end of the project, we will deliver a fully functional model of our mine-lifting system along with a comprehensive report and presentation explaining our design process, the materials used, the construction process, and how the system works.”

Remember, a design brief should be concise, clear, and informative. It is meant to guide your project and keep everyone on track. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful design brief for your mineshaft headgear project.

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