Life Orientation Grade 12 Study Guides and Summary Notes

Life Orientation Grade 12 Study Guides and Summary Notes pdf for free downloads. Life Orientation guides and prepares you for life, life’s responsibilities, possibilities, and all of life’s challenges. You will engage in critical discussions for reflection hence you should exit the schooling system with skills that have prepared you to be a responsible citizen who can live meaningfully and contribute constructively to the economy of the country and community life, and your knowledge of health and exercise should prevent lifestyle illnesses.

Life Orientation Grade 12 Topics

1. Development of the self in society

  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Stress: identifying, coping with, levels of stress, managing stress
  • Conflict resolution: ways to resolve conflict
  • Communication: feelings, beliefs, attitudes
  • Transition between school and post-school destination
  • Personal lifestyle plan to promote quality of life
  • Human factors that cause ill-health, accidents, crises and disasters
  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Commitment to participate in Physical Education exercise activities for long-term engagement

2. Physical Education

  • À  Relaxation and recreational activities
  • Games and sport
  • Personal fitness and health goals

3. Study skills

4. Democracy and Human Rights

  • Responsible citizenship
  • Discrimination and violation of human rights
  • Role of the media in a democratic society
  • Ideologies, beliefs and worldviews on recreation and physical activities

5. Social and Environmental responsibility

  • Community responsibility to promote safe and healthy living
  • Formulating a personal mission statement
  • Impact of vision on actions/ behaviour in life

6. Career and Career Choices

  • Commitment to a decision taken
  • Application for a job/ further study
  • Strategies to achieve goals
  • Reasons for and impact of unemployment
  • Innovative solutions to counteract unemployment:
    • volunteering,
    • part-time jobs,
    • community work,
    • entrepreneurship and informal jobs
  • Financial and social viability, including SARS tax obligations À Impact of corruption and fraud
  • Core elements of a job contract: worker rights and obligations; conditions of service
  • Labour Laws; Trade unions
  • Equity and redress
  • Work ethics and societal expectations
  • The value of work: how work gives meaning to life

Life Orientation Grade 12 Study Guide and Notes


Level of Stresses Life Orientation Grade 12 Notes

Life Orientation Summary Notes Grade 12

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