Life Orientation Grade 12 Summary Notes pdf

Life Orientation Grade 12 Summary Notes pdf: 2021, 2020.

Topic 1 Stress: Life Orientation Grade 12 Summary Notes

  • What is stress? Stress is what we feel in situations we find difficult, challenging or even frightening. When we feel we can’t cope with the situation.
  • What is good stress? Stress that makes you ready for action as it gives you adrenalin and energy. E.g. When you have to stand in front of the class and speak. It is for a short term and you can have sweaty palms and a dry mouthy or butterflies in your tummy.
  • What is bad stress? If the stress is more than you can cope with, it is unhealthy. You may become ill, unhappy and depressed. You are not able to do your task as well as you could. You will have headaches or will not be able to sleep.
  • What is a stressor? A stressor is anything, event or person that causes stress. It is the things that trigger stress

Topic 2: Process of assessment and examination writing skills: Life Orientation Grade 12 Summary Notes

What is assessment?
It is the continuous planned process of gathering information on achievement.

Why assess?
It identifies how you cope with new knowledge, content and skills.

Different types of assessment?

  • Formative assessment: happens when you are working on something and helps you and your teacher work out how you are coping.
  • Summative assessment: this happens at the end of a term, chapter or project. It measures how you manage over a period of time.
  • Self-assessment: you assess yourself.

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