Life Orientation school-based assessment (SBA) Grade 12

Life Orientation school-based assessment (SBA) Grade 12 for Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, and term 4: 2021

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The difference between formative and summative assessment in Grade 12 Life Orientation

School-based assessment tasks can be used for formative as well as summative purposes.

Summative assessment

Refers to more formal planned assessments at the end of a unit or term / year which are used primarily to assess learners’ progress.

Formative assessment

Is usually more informal and more frequent, involving the gathering of information about learners and their learning needs while they are still learning.

Formative assessment has two key functions: informing and forming.

Formative assessment shapes the decisions about what to do next, by helping the teacher to select what to teach in the next lesson, or even in the next moment in the lesson and the learners to understand what they have learnt and what they need to learn next.

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Life Orientation school-based assessment (SBA) Topics

Term 1 topics:

  • Task 1: Development of Self in Society Weeks 1 – 5: Essay, Source base and Case Study
  • Physical Education Task: PET 1 – Participation in programmes that promote achievement of personal fitness and health goals

NB – Don’t Miss This: Life Orientation Grade 12 Source Based Task 2024 pdf Guide Memorandum

Term 2 topics:

  • Task 2: Human Rights and Democracy
  • Task 3: Examination 1: Mid-year Examination
  • Task 3: Physical Education Task PET 2 – Participation in programmes that promote long term engagement in community and/or playground and/or indigenous games or traditional and or non-traditional sports that promote physical activity

Term 3 topics:

  • Task 4: Examination 2 – September Examination
  • Physical Education Task: PET 3 – Participation in programmes that promote long term engagement in relaxation and recreational activities

Memorandum (Question and Answers)

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