Media Reporting in a Democratic Society is evident when the following are in place

Media Reporting in a Democratic Society is evident when the following are in place: Life Orientation Grade 12.

A free, objective, skilled media is an essential component of any democratic society. On the one hand, it provides the information which the polity requires to make responsible, informed decisions. On the other, it performs a “checking function” ensuring that elected officials uphold their oaths of office and campaign promises and that they carry out the wishes of the electorate. 


Evidence of Media Reporting in a Democratic Society

Media Reporting should also support freedom of expression. Freedom of expression means that you can express your ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication. Freedom of expression is a basic right in a democratic society, and it applies to everyone, including individuals and the media. People may not express viewpoints that violate the rights of others.

In a democratic society such as South Africa, the following evidence need to exist to prove the presence of a democratic society:

  • The role of the media is to inform society about daily events that are newsworthy.
  • In a democracy, the media’s communicated, and educate.
  • The media play an important role in informing citizens about their government, their rights and freedom and their health and safety.
  • expose violations of human rights
  • report on unlawful activities, the courts and court cases
  • expose corruption and mismanagement
  • communicate, inform and educate and entertain
  • shape the public’s opinion
  • give political information that can inform voters
  • identify problems in our country and communities
  • promote debate and discussion
  • promote nation-building, by giving access to diverse viewpoints and world views, as well as sports cover
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