On this page we discuss why folktales are important to African Cultures. In many on our African societies and communities, traditional education is very crucial. Traditional education in African cultures is has been conducted through the use of oral falktales in order to teach oral literature, riddles, and proverbs to generations.

Why are Folktales Important to African Culture

Folktales are important to African cultures as they aim to moulding character and providing children with moral values like honesty, integrity, courage and solidarity, from generation to generation. Below are some of the reasons on why folktales are important in African culture:

  • Develop strong listening skills
  • Develop strong memory retention skills
  • Provide knowledge about the other cultures
  • Model essential and intended character traits in the young ones
  • Appreciate other traditions
  • Learn about survival and decision-making skills
  • Craft new ways of seeing the world
  • Discover a love for stories

Popular African Folktales

Below are some of the most popular African Folktales:

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