Is the Government doing enough to ensure that Human Rights are protected

Is the Government doing enough to ensure that Human Rights are protected? Well, The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is a national institution that constantly seeks to ensure that all human rights are protected. The SAHRC was set up to support constitutional democracy in South Africa. It’s committed to promoting respect for, observance of and protection of human rights for everyone without fear or favour.

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What the Government is doing through the SAHRC regarding Human Rights

The Government is doing enough to ensure that Human Rights are protected in South Africa through the following:

  • Raise awareness and develop a culture of human rights in South Africa
  • Educate and train South Africans about human rights.
  • Investigate and address human rights violations and find ways of correcting them.
  • Monitor laws written at all levels of government (local, provincial and national) to make sure human rights are observed.
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What are the Bill of Rights in South Africa?

Below is a list of more than 10 Bill of Rights and responsibilities:

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EqualityYou cannot be discriminated against. But affirmative action and fair discrimination are allowed.
Human dignityYour dignity must be respected and protected.
LifeYou have the right to life.
Freedom and security of the personYou cannot be detained without trial, tortured or punished cruelly. You are free from all forms of violence from either public or private sources.
Slavery, servitude and forced labourSlavery, servitude and forced labour are not allowed.
PrivacyYou cannot be searched or have your home or possessions searched, without the proper procedures being followed by the police.
Freedom of religion, belief and opinionYou can believe and think whatever you want and can follow the religion of your choice.
Freedom of expressionYou have the freedom to say, write or print (including the press) whatever you want. This right, however, must not violate anyone else’s right or break the law.
Assembly, demonstration, picket and petitionYou can hold a demonstration, picket and present a petition. But you must do this peacefully and unarmed.
Freedom of associationYou can associate with whomever you want to.
Political rightsYou can support the political party of your choice. If you are a citizen, and at least 18 years old, you can vote.
CitizenshipYour citizenship cannot be taken away from you.
Freedom of movement and residenceYou can go and live anywhere in South Africa.
Freedom of trade, occupation and professionYou can do whatever work you choose.
Labour relationsYou may join trade unions and go on strike.
EnvironmentYou have the right to a healthy environment.
PropertyYour property can only be taken away from you if the proper rules are followed.
HousingYou have the right to have access to adequate housing.
Health care, food, water and social securityYou have the right to have access to food and water; health care and social security.
ChildrenAll children have the right to parental care, shelter and food. Children are not to be neglected, abused or forced to work.
EducationYou have the right to basic education, including adult basic education and to further education.
Language and cultureYou can use the language you want to and follow the culture that you choose.
Cultural, religious and linguistic communitiesCommunities can enjoy their own culture; practice their religion, and use their language.
Access to informationYou have the right to any information.
Just administrative actionYou have the right to administrative action that’s lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair.
Access to courtsYou can have a legal problem decided by a court or a similar structure.
Arrested, detained and accused personsThese rights protect people arrested, imprisoned or accused of a crime.

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