Mathematics Grade 12 Investigation 2023 Term 1

Mathematics Grade 12 Investigation 2023 Term 1: Mathematics investigations typically involve the exploration and analysis of a particular mathematical concept, idea or problem. They require students to apply their mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills to investigate, gather and analyze data, and draw conclusions. Investigations also often require students to communicate their findings in a clear and concise manner, both verbally and in writing.

Some possible topics for a Grade 12 mathematics investigation in South Africa might include:

  • Applications of calculus in real-life situations
  • Analysis of data sets using statistical methods
  • Investigation of mathematical models in economics, physics or engineering
  • Exploration of geometric principles and proofs
  • Analysis of patterns and sequences in number theory or algebra

The investigation is typically an individual project that is assessed according to specific criteria, which may include the quality and clarity of the analysis, the accuracy of the calculations and data, and the overall coherence and effectiveness of the presentation.

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2023 Mathematics Grade 12 Investigation

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