On this page you will find Mathematics Control Tests Assessments and Exam Question papers with memos and answers in pdf for previous years. The tests and exam papers are for term 1 Feb/ March, term 2 May/ June, term 3 August/ September and term 4 November.

Controlled tests as well as exams are used to assess learners’ learning abilities and promotion to the next grade. School-Based assessments are very essential for Grade 6 learners as they indicate clearly what needs to be achieved and to inform the learner about the areas of study that need more attention. This will help improve the standard of their work (read more on why assessments are essential for learners).

Grade 6 Mathematics previous test and exam papers on this page can be used by teachers as a reference and question bank to assess learners. The papers are also useful for learners to do revision work in class or at home.

List of Mathematics Grade 6 Control Tests and Exam Question papers for previous years

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