Can you become a Medical Doctor with Maths Literacy Subject Choice? If you are thinking of becoming a Medical Doctor, you should know that pure Mathematics knowledge is very critical as it will be required on the daily routines of being a Medical Doctor.

A doctor is a medical professional who is highly educated in a field of medicine, and they work as physicians, surgeons, and other highly trained medical experts. Doctors provide healthcare to patients in a variety of forms, such as performing tests, prescribing medications, diagnosing illnesses and diseases, operating on them, implementing treatments, and much more.

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Can you become a Medical Doctor with Maths Literacy Subject Choice? The answer is NO. You cannot become a Medical Doctor without Mathematics as part of your High School subject. The medicine career field is a Science field. This means Mathematical knowledge is essential. Maths Literacy (commonly known as Mathematical Literacy) alone will not equip you with the minimum required mathematical knowledge.

Let’s have a look at the APS scores for typical Medical Studies in South Africa

APS score for Medicine in South Africa

Based on most of the Medical Studies Requirements from most South African Universities, below are the guidelines in terms of the average APS score for subjects that are required to study medicine in South Africa.

  • English and an additional NCS language – 5,
  • Mathematics – 5,
  • Physical Science – 5,
  • any other two NCS subjects – 5 }

Total required APS score: 35

As you can see, Mathematical Literacy is not even one of the required subject, yet Mathematics is.

Considering that you have great exam marks for your Matric / Grade 12 Mathematics subject, lets look at where you could study to become a Medical Doctor:

Best Universities to study Medicine Courses in South Africa

  • University of Cape Town– MBChB
  • University of Limpopo – MBChB
  • University of Pretoria – MBChB
  • University of Stellenbosch – MBChB
  • University of the Free State – MBChB
  • University of the Witwatersrand – MBBCh
  • University of KwaZulu Natal – MBChB
  • Walter Sisulu University- MBChB

Build a Career with Mathematics Literacy Subject

There are many career doors that Mathematics Literacy can open for you in South African Universities and Colleges:

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