Careers you can pursue with Math Literacy subject in South Africa: Below is the list of Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates that you can enroll for with just Math Literacy and not Mathematics as one of your subjects.

Mathematical Literacy subject can open many career doors when it comes to pursuing the career that you think you are born for. Although some careers like Engineering, Medicine, and Science exclusively require pure Mathematic subjects, there are still countless careers you can pursue with Mathematical Literacy as a subject choice.

One of the key characteristics of a mathematically literate individual is the ability to identify and apply appropriate mathematical and non-mathematical techniques needed to solve problems encountered in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

List of Careers you can pursue with Math Literacy subject in South Africa

  • Education Degree
  • Liberal Arts Degree
  • English Literature BA Degree
  • Music Degree/ Diploma / Certificate
  • Communications Degree/Diploma
  • Philosophy Degree/Diploma
  • Sociology Degree/Diploma
  • Psychology Degree
  • Writing Degree/Diploma
  • Art Degree/Diploma
  • Anthropology Degree
  • Human Resources BA Degree / Diploma
  • Graphic Design Degree/Diploma
  • Political Science Degree/Diploma
  • Social Science Degree/Diploma

Maths Lit FAQ

  1. Can i become a Medical Doctor with Maths Lit

    Can you become a Medical Doctor with Maths Literacy Subject Choice? The answer is NO. You cannot become a Medical Doctor without Mathematics as part of your High School subject. Read more here

  2. Can i become a Lawyer with Maths Lit

    Yes you can become a Lawyer with Mathematics Literacy subject choice. However, you should note that the admission requirements for law differ from university to university. The average university requires around 50 – 60% final exam marks for Mathematics Literacy or pure Mathematics. Also, a 65 – 70% English Home Language or English First Additional Language may also be required. Read: Subjects Required to study Law.

  3. Can i become a Nurse with Maths Lit

    The answer is yes. With Maths Literacy, you can study many courses (except core science subjects) in South Africa. Read more here

  4. Can i become a Paramedic with Maths Lit

    You can definitely become a Paramedic in South Africa with Maths Literacy subject choice. There is no specific APS score or exact final marks percentages to study Paramedic as this depends on the university or college requirements. Find a place to study Paramedic Courses here

  5. Can I become a Pilot with Maths Lit

    You can start your pilot journey to become a Pilot in South Africa and internationally with a Mathematics Literacy subject and not necessarily Pure Mathematics subject choice. In South Africa, there are currently no compulsory subject requirements, or minimum mark requirements to start training as a pilot according to Essential Pilot.

  6. Can I become a Psychologist with Maths Lit

    Yes you can. To become a Psychologist, most universities and colleges often require: a National Senior Certificate, or equivalent, with an achievement rating of 5 (Substantial Achievement, 60-69%) or better in six designated subjects, including English and Mathematics (or Maths Literacy).
    Study Psychology online.
    Subjects Required to study Psychology in South Africa.

List of Highest paying jobs with Maths Literacy and NOT Mathematics

We live in the 4th Industrial Revolution era, where Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming dominant, and people are mostly paid for the value they add in society, rather than their titles. Many glorious job titles which required mathematics subjects were worshiped in the 90s and 2000s. But today, that’s not the case.

Below are some of the job titles that pay very well:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Digital Marketer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Professor at a University
  • Interior Designer
  • Account Manager
  • Dental hygienist

Highest Paying Jobs that don’t require Mathematics

Build a Career with Mathematics Literacy Subject

There are many career doors that Mathematics Literacy can open for you in South African Universities and Colleges:

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