The Causes of gender-based Violence During Lockdown

How did lockdown contribute to gender-based violence? On this page we discuss the causes of gender-based violence during lockdown (2020 – 2021). By early April 2020, over half the world’s population was living under lockdown and women and men with violent partners found themselves trapped with their abusers and cut off from the support of friends and family. According to UN, all types of violence against women and girls, but particularly domestic violence, intensified during the lockdown period.

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Gender-based violence during lockdown

Reasons why gender-based Violence During Lockdown intensified

  • Social isolation – mqny gender-based violence victims found themselves trapped with abusive partners during the lockdown periods, with no hope of escaping.
  • Economic insecurity – job loss affected many relationships and caused insecurities that influenced many gender-based conflicts.
  • The breakdown of public services – GBV services during lockdowns were not prioritised by the government as there were greater concerns about how to prevent the Covid-19 virus.

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