Grade 11 Business Studies Study Guides Available for Free Download. This page includes different free PDF Study Guides for download to help Grade 11 learners with their exam preparations and studies. The study guides include Mind the Gap (CAPS) and many others.

Business Studies is an important subject to study when you would like to follow a career in business management, finance, administration or marketing. Business Studies will also help you with many areas of your life and with whatever career you would like to pursue.

How useful is Business Studies for Grade 11 Learners?

Business Studies will help you to:

  • analyse the impact of changing and challenging environments on business practices,
  • e.g. the increasing fuel price and the impact it has on businesses worldwide; devising strategies to cope with these challenges
  • design and use a research instrument to assess needs and wants
  • encourage creative thinking to generate entrepreneurial opportunities, e.g. opening an ice cream stall on Margate beach during peak season
  • process and analyse data for decision making
  • develop an action plan from a business plan
  • understand the legal implications of contacts
  • understand the implementation of the employment equity act and labour laws
  • demonstrate and apply a range of management skills in all eight management functions: purchasing, production, financial, marketing, public relations, human resource management, information management and general management

Grade 11 Business Studies Study Guides Downloads in pdf

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Why passing Grade 11 is very important

Grade 11 fully prepares you for Grade 12 level of exams and assessments. You might as well regard Grade 11 as your final trial run for Matric level. Most of the classwork covered in the grade 11 syllabus will prepare you for Matric anyway. Passing your Grade 11 with flying colours, is usually a sign that you will ace your Matric and make your uncles and cousins proud.

What can you do with your Grade 11 marks in South Africa?

  • You can apply at a South African University using your Grade 11 marks
  • You can already apply for university bursaries using your Grade 11 marks

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