Photography course offered by Oakfield College

Photography course offered by Oakfield College: Oakfield Photography course will have you taking professional, sought-after shots in just a short period of time. You will be taken on outings where you will learn how to take photos in different settings and with different subjects such as wildlife, architecture, people and food. While taking college event photos, you will also learn how to deal with clients. The year ends with an exhibition of your work and you will leave with a professional portfolio to show to prospective employers/clients. 

Opportunities abound for the visually inspired and the creatively courageous and Oakfields College is the perfect environment to develop your artistic flair. Facilities are state-of-the-art with expert tuition and training in processes and techniques. 

The programme comprises the following modules: 
• Introduction, history and equipment 
• Studio and natural lighting 
• Photoshop 
• Camera controls and composition 
• Flash 
• Event photography 

During your course, you will complete briefs that will go towards building a photographic portfolio. 

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