Tshwane North College Online Application 2020
The National Skills Development Strategy Ill has identified TVET Colleges as key role players in the delivery of sector skills imperatives.
Colleges are imperative for career and workplace preparation as well as self employment.
It is essential that partnerships are established with industry and SET A’s.
College lecturing staff need to stay abreast of recent developments in industry by being exposed in the areas that they teach.

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About TNC

TNC students need to be more entrepreneurial, employable and should be exposed to workplace based experience.
The Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, said: “TVET is a well- known concept. It signals the importance of integrating formal education with practical training and aligning it to the requirements of occupations. The critical changes we are seeking to achieve is that link to the labour market and industry”.
Colleges, and especially TNC, must develop and deliver programmes which provide industry with a fit for purpose work force.
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